Retail (level 1-5)

A shopping destination without the shopping journey.

Q1 is the future of world-class commercial spaces available for Sale, Lease and Retail purposes. Commercial complexes at its best and delivered with world class amenities

Q1 retail complex will be a centerpiece of the High Street of Cochin, a district that is experiencing rapid growth in office occupancy, residential population, commuter traffic and tourism. With the lure of the Q1 and convenient access to many modes of public transportation.

A world-class property and investment offering commercial ... These include office or retail space with seperate entrance for both.

  • Level 1- 5 Retail space
  • Lower Basement B-2: Parking for 130 cars
  • Upper Basement B-1: Parking for 130 cars
Q1 Terrace, Level-4 & Level-5
  • Food Court Counters
  • Furnished Dining area
  • Cinemas
  • Game Zone
  • Open Dining & Promotions area
Sometimes the art of the deal includes starters, main course and dessert

Whether you want to catch a bite on the go or make a fine meal of it, there's a choice of gourmet restaurants, caf├ęs and snack bars here. And they truly take the idea of being out for lunch to the next level.