At Nippon Infra we have a vision of the future: beyond concrete and steel, form, function and aesthetics, architecture needs to signpost the changing lifestyles of its residents and add to the character of a city. Shared ideas like these formed Nippon Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Nippon Motor Corporation, headed by M.A.M Babu Moopan, has decades of experience as a builder and the company's dealerships for the world’s top car manufacturers; Bharat Benz Commerical Vehicles, General Motors & Toyota have won several international awards for customer satisfaction and have been consistently ranked the best in India and Asia.

"Beyond concrete and stone, its about changing lifestyles"

Infra Housing is one of the leading builders in Kerala and brings to Q1 a record of over fifteen projects in housing, commercial and hospitality, and a reputation for innovation and as the light glints on the tower, the Queen of the Arabian Sea will find her new place under the business sun.