Global standards in business spaces

Q1 speaks the same language as today's power-point presentations and 8 a.m. conference calls: International standards. The big picture is a 440,000 sq. ft. tower, a basement with two levels of car parks, three floors of shopping malls (Q1 Galleria), a floor where business and pleasure come together (Q1 Terrace),all topped by ten floors of office space (Q1 Business Zone).

Equally worth noting are the details that make up the picture: lighting designed to enhance productivity; rest rooms located in a common area on each floor, so they don't eat into your precious office space. And exclusive dining spaces for your staff.

And whether it's tiles or faucets, every feature is designed not to be a common fixture. Indeed stepping into Q1 is all about making a departure from the ordinary.

Driving to work now means all the way to your 9th floor office

Q1 Business Zone, where the offices are located, comes with features that are first of their kind. For instance, rather than park your car in the basement, both you and your vehicle are transported by lift to a car park that's on the same floor as your office.

Every business floor offers an escape from wall to wall carpeting and modular furniture with a landscaped garden and spectacular views of the city.

And for small businesses, we have levelled the meeting field with state of the art board rooms, conference rooms, business centres and training spaces which can be accessed at short notice.